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1) IMAGE Housekeeping Data via CDAWeb maxmize
Resource ID:spase://VSPO/NumericalData/IMAGE/HK/CDAWeb/PT24H
Start:2000-03-25 00:00:00 Observatory:IMAGE Cadence:24 hours
Stop:2005-12-18 07:38:17 Instrument:IMAGE HK - Housekeeping Resource:NumericalData
This set of housekeeping data from the IMAGE mission comes from the Central Interface Data Processor (CIDP) and the interface with the Spacecraft/System Control Unit (SCU). The CIDP provides the following major functions for the Observatory: (1) Instrument data acquisition, processing, and compression. (2) Stored command processing. (3) Command receipt (from the SCU), processing, storage (if a delayed command), and transfer to the instruments. (4) Time/attitude synchronization with the spacecraftÕs Attitude Determination and Control system for generation of the nadir and sun pulse signals sent to the instruments. (5) Deckplate thermal control. (6) Additional EEPROM storage for instrument software or tables. (7) Power switching and current limiting. The SCU provides the following major functions for the Observatory: (1) Ground command receipt, processing, storage (for delayed command execution) and relay to the CIDP. (2) Telemetry data formatting and downlink (3) Spacecraft attitude determination and control. (4) Spacecraft thermal control. (5) Spacecraft power management. (6) Spacecraft housekeeping data acquisition, formatting, and storage. (7) Management of the Mass Memory Module. (8) Management of the engineering and high speed telemetry downlink. (9) Safe/hold management of the Observatory. Products include: IM_HK_ADS: Image Attitude Determination System Housekeeping IM_HK_AST: Image Autonomous Star Tracker Housekeeping IM_HK_COM: Image Communication Systems Housekeeping IM_HK_FSW: Image Flight Software Housekeeping IM_HK_PWR: Image Power Systems Housekeeping IM_HK_TML: Image Thermal Housekeeping

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