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1) ROCSAT-1 IPEI Key Parameters maxmize
Resource ID:spase://VSPO/NumericalData/ROCSAT-1/IPEI/PT1s
Start:1999-03-11 00:00:00 Observatory:ROCSAT-1 Cadence:1 second
Stop:2004-06-11 23:59:56 Instrument:ROCSAT1,IPEI, Ionospheric Plasma and Electrodynamics Instrument Resource:NumericalData
This data set contains ion data from the ROCSAT-1 Ionospheric Plasma and Electrodynamics Instrument (IPEI). They include: composition for H+, He+, NO+, O+ ions, total density, temperature, and velocities in two different coordinate systems, namely the non-rotating Earth-centered Inertia (ECI) Coordinate System and the rotating Earth-centered Fixed (ECF) Coordinate System.

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