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1) High Energy Telescope (HET) Housekeeping Parameters maxmize
Resource ID:spase://VEPO/NumericalData/Ulysses/COSPIN/HET/FullResolution/House
Start:1990-10-22 00:00:00 Observatory:Ulysses Cadence:
Stop:2009-06-29 23:59:59 Instrument:High Energy Telescope Resource:NumericalData
A directory containing daily ftp-downloadable files containing readout-by-readout listings of HET housekeeping paramaters (Voltages, Temperatures, Offsets). The naming convention of the files is uly_het_full_house_YYYDDD.txt, where YYY indicates the three-digit year since 1900 (e.g. YYY=090 for 1990, and YYY=102 for 2002) and DDD indicates the three digit day of year (Jan. 1 = 1). In each file, following a detailed description of the format, the data consist of a a listing of HET housekeeping parameters measured at the time listed in the first 4 columns of each line. Each line contains data for one readout of the parameters. The first 4 columns give the time of the measurement as fractional year (to 12 decimal places) and as year since 1900, day of year, and ms of day. At the most common science telemetry rate, 2048 bps, each parameter in this file is read out once every 256 seconds. The measurements are instantaneous, and do not represent an average of values over the interval since the last readout. The sole function of these parameters is to monitor instrument health. No noise-removal or despiking has been done, so caution must be used in interpreting isolated large increases or decreases in the measured parameters.

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