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1) AIM/CDE dust grain impact data maxmize
Resource ID:spase://VSPO/NumericalData/AIM/CDE/PT1D
Start:2007-06-01 00:00:00 Observatory:AIM Cadence:
Stop:2016-09-14 08:00:04 Instrument:AIM Cosmic Dust Experiment Resource:NumericalData
AIM/CDE (Cosmic Dust Experiment) data are available as Levels 1 and 2 daily netCDF files. L1 data contains, for each dust grain impact, a time tag, pulse height data, a number of electrons released by the impact, and engineering and housekeeping data. L2 data adds the mass of the impacting particle and spacecraft location at time of impact. Future L3 and L4 products will add total mass impacting per orbit and impact rates (L3) and mass correlation with CIPS total particle mass and Polar Mesospheric Cloud brightness.(

2) AIM/CIPS noctilucent cloud images and movies, etc. maxmize
Resource ID:spase://VSPO/NumericalData/AIM/CIPS/PT90M
Start:2007-06-01 00:00:00 Observatory:AIM Cadence:90 minutes
Stop:2016-09-14 08:00:04 Instrument:AIM Cloud Imaging and Particle Size experiment Resource:NumericalData
AIM/CIPS (Cloud Imaging and Particle Size) data are available in multiple processing levels: 1a (calibrated and geolocated albedo); 1b (map- projected albedo at 5km x 5km resolution); 1c (same as 1b, but with Rayleigh scattering background subtracted); 2 (imagery for 15 orbit- specific strips per day, built from 1c data); 3a (daily "daisies" built as composites over level 2 data); 3b (seasonal movies built from level 3a data); 4 (cloud properties such as ice water content and particle radius extracted from lower level data). Data files for levels 2, 3a and 4 are accessible from, with level 2 and 4 data as gzipped netCDF's and level 3a imagery in PNG format. Brief descriptions of data levels, browse imagery, and links to fuller data documentation files at LASP are available from Data are available over each polar region about 4 months each year, during that region's summer.(

3) AIM 1-min Position Data maxmize
Resource ID:spase://VSPO/NumericalData/AIM/Ephemeris/PT1M
Start:2007-04-25 00:00:00 Observatory:AIM Cadence:1 minute
Stop:2013-06-09 00:00:00 Instrument:AIM Positions Resource:NumericalData
AIM satellite position and magnetic field model information.

4) AIM/SOFIE daily plots, parameters vs.alt. & long., etc. (L3 Summary data) maxmize
Resource ID:spase://VSPO/DisplayData/AIM/SOFIE/PT90M
Start:2007-05-28 00:00:00 Observatory:AIM Cadence:90 minutes
Stop:2016-09-14 07:59:49 Instrument:AIM Solar Occultation For Ice Experiment Resource:NumericalData
This SOFIE (Solar Occultation for Ice Experiment) data set contains color-coded pairs of daily plots of several physical parameters vs altitude and longitude. Parameters include temperature, mixing ratios for H2O, O3 and CH4, and ice mass. Members of each pair are for the northern and southern hemispheres. The interface also supports plotting of lower level data.

5) AIM/SOFIE mixing ratios, extinction profiles, etc. (L2 data) maxmize
Resource ID:spase://VSPO/NumericalData/AIM/SOFIE/PT90M
Start:2007-05-28 00:00:00 Observatory:AIM Cadence:90 minutes
Stop:2016-09-14 08:00:04 Instrument:AIM Solar Occultation For Ice Experiment Resource:NumericalData
The daily netCDF files at GATS, Inc., hold level 2 SOFIE (Solar Occultation for Ice Experiment) data. These include primary absorber mixing ratios (CO2, CH4, NO,H2O, O3), 10 aerosol extinction profiles, uncertainity profiles for mixing ratios and extinctions, 83 km measurement lat./long., Temperatures, Pressures, Time, [0.150 km sampling, 150km to 3.0km, 30 profiles/day]. Vertical resolutions are 1km for gases and for polar mesospheric clouds, and .LT.3.5 km for temperatures and pressures.

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