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1) FAST AC Fields, ~5 sec resolution maxmize
Resource ID:spase://VWO/NumericalData/FAST/ACF/PT5S
Start:1996-08-30 02:02:17 Observatory:FAST Cadence:5 seconds
Stop:2002-10-25 00:11:32 Instrument:Electric Field and Langmuir Probe Experiment Resource:NumericalData
FAST AC Fields Key Parameter CDF files consists of AC Electric and Magnetic fields measurements spanning a range from approximately 32 Hz to 2 MHz. The time range of each file is roughly 24 hours and consists of several passes over the auroral zone of approximately 20 minute duration, the time resolution is one spin period (approximately 5s). The orbital period of FAST is 133 minutes.

2) FAST Spacecraft Positions maxmize
Resource ID:spase://VMO/NumericalData/FAST/Ephemeris/PT1M
Start:1996-01-26 00:00:00 Observatory:FAST Cadence:1 minute
Stop:2011-12-31 00:00:00 Instrument:FAST Position Resource:NumericalData
FAST Positions

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