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1) Interball-1 6-sec vector magnetic field data maxmize
Resource ID:spase://VMO/NumericalData/Interball-1/FM3I/PT6S
Start:1995-08-06 07:11:09 Observatory:Interball-1 Cadence:6 seconds
Stop:2000-10-15 21:53:26 Instrument:Interball-1 Tri-axial Fluxgate Magnetometer FGM-I Resource:NumericalData
Magnetic field measurements on-board the Interball 1 probe are carried out by the FM-3I and MFI (FGM-I) instruments. Data presented here are the combination of the data of all magnetometers. First, all FM-3I M1 data are used, if they are absent, the MFI data are used, and if data from both magnetometer are absent, FM-3I M2 data presented. The FM-3 M1 and MFI data are averaged over 6-second time intervals.

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