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1) ST5-155 satellite position and magnetic field data maxmize
Resource ID:spase://VSPO/NumericalData/ST5-155/Ephemeris/PT1M
Start:2006-03-23 00:00:00 Observatory:ST5-155 Cadence:1 minute
Stop:2006-08-28 00:00:00 Instrument:ST5-155 Positions Resource:NumericalData
ST5-A satellite position and magnetic field model information.

2) ST5-155 MAG Data maxmize
Resource ID:spase://VMO/NumericalData/ST5-155/MAG/v1_PT01S
Start:2006-03-25 00:00:26 Observatory:ST5-155 Cadence:
Stop:2006-06-26 14:17:45 Instrument:ST5-155 Fluxgate Magnetometer Resource:NumericalData
Magnetic field and position data from the ST5-155 satellite. Calibrated science quality data.

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