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1) IMAGE FUV SI plots of O/N2 Ratios maxmize
Resource ID:spase://VEPO/DisplayData/IMAGE/FUV/SI/O_N2_Ratios
Start:2000-05-24 00:00:00 Observatory:IMAGE Cadence:2 minutes
Stop:2005-05-18 23:59:59 Instrument:Far Ultraviolet Imager (FUV) Resource:DisplayData
This data set consists of images of thermospheric O/N2 column density ratios at 2-min resolution during times of strong geomagnetic storms (Dst.LT.-80nT) of 2000-2005. The ratios are generated from dayside airglow observations of the IMAGE Far Ultraviolet (FUV) Spectrographic Imager (SI). The SI has a peak response at the OI 135.6 nm oxygen emission line and a bandpass of 131.0 to 140.0 nm which includes the LBH band from N2 molecules. For each O/N2 plot, there is a plot of the SI image from which the O/N2 plot was generated, and there is an IDL saveset of the content of the O/N2 maps. The Information URL of this descriptor identifies detailed discussions of the derivations of O/N2 rations from the SI images.

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