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for Users
Command line tools
SPASE Resource Tools A collection of tools for writing, validating, and using SPASE resource descriptions.

refcheckCan check both resource identifiers and URLs for referential integrity.
xmlgrepExtract values from an XML file using an XPath pattern.
collatorWrite individual resource descriptions into separate file stored in a folder tree according to the Resource ID.
downloaderObtains a list of URLs associated with a resource by quering a registry server, then downloads and packages all the source files.
profilerCreate resource profiles for SPASE resource descriptions.
validatorChecks a resource description for compliance to a specified version of the SPASE data model.

Source code and class files: Download
Window Application
SPLASHAn interactive data display application that runs on Microsoft Windows platforms.
for Data Providers
On-line tools
SPASE Validator Test a web accessable SPASE description against a selected version of the data dictionary.
SPASE Web Editor The web SPASE XML editor can be used to create or alter SPASE XML descriptions.
Command line tools
SPASE Collection A collection of web services that can be incorporated into web applications.

resolverLocates SPASE metadata associated with a SPASE resource_id.
renderConvert SPASE XML into HTML for web display by using a style sheet.
explorerLocate all related products associated with a resource_id (resource tree).
searchRetrieve a list of SPASE resource_idís matching user specified criteria.
statusStatus retrieves information (i.e. known or updated resources) about a registry.
downloaderObtains a list of URLs associated with a resource by quering a registry server, then downloads and packages (zip) all the source files.

Source code and class files: Download
CDF-2-SPASE This interface extracts metadata from an ISTP CDF file and creates a draft product description using the SPASE data model. The extracted metadata are stored into a SPASE Numerical Data resource container. The resulting SPASE XML file will be incomplete and it will not validate because ISTP CDF files do not provide all information required by the SPASE model.
for Developers
SPASE XML Parser The SPASE XML parser is a collection of Java classes which can parse XML descriptions and load the information into a directly accessible form.
Source code and class files: Donwload JAXB version
SPASE Query Language SPASEQL is an effort within the HPDE to use the SPASE data model and associated terminology to create a standardized communication language for HPDE Virtual Observatories. SPASEQL defines XML-based standards for query and response message construction such that the VxOs have a common basis for communication. With a common communication language in place software tools can rapidly be developed and reused throughout the HPDE.